Athens is a city of 3.5 million people designed by the famous urban planners of Los
Angeles.  It's crowded, it has traffic jams, and it's noisy.  Most tourists
check out the Arcopolis and maybe a museum and then head out to the ferry terminal to
get the heck out of there.

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Symtagma square, downtown Athens

Parlimentary guard. Nice hat, dude.

Looks Greek to me

ferry terminal

A giant floating cell phone will take you to the islands.

temple of Hephaistos. circa 450 BC

Acropolis Amphitheatre. Preparing for the next Yanni concert.

the Parthenon con touristas

the beautiful urban sprawl of Athens.

frescos from 8th century church

The town square of ancient Athens. This is where
Socrates did most of his BS'ing

The Athens bazaar - purveyors of fine junk