Naxos is the largest island in this particular group (the Cyclades).  It has
some of the best beaches, execellent mountain views, and friendly people.  For
sports enthusiasts, you can windsurf, hike the mountain trails, and mountain bike.
This island is F-U-N.

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On the way to Naxos...

Naxos harbor

Naxos town

Cafe area

The gate of the temple of Apollo

Naxos harbor sea wall

Bar with chair

church tower

world's narrowest sidewalk cafe

gratuitous blue door photo

booze trophy case

pastoral chapel

country village

roadside chapel

southwestern beach

food gathering equipment - marine version

beach dining room

pottery shoppe

mountain town of Filoti

Official Rule: churches in Greece are always on a hill

Filoti taberna

Downtown Filoti - always congested with traffic

yet another gratuitous door photo

A Filoti street with pre-installed shrubs